HB Projet

Consulting on and management of cultural heritage

HB Projet offers to institutions its services in consulting and management of artistic and cultural heritage: it is to act to identify and assess the nature of a fund, and then ensure its enhancement. HB Projet provides its expertise to give consistency and relevance to heritage together in developing tools for the study of cultural heritage and for its scientific and technical management.

This development is mainly through the creation and implementation of computer databases. Inspired by the model of the Hartung-Bergman foundation’s database - developed since the 1990s – the databases made by HB Projet are all specific and adapted to the collection. All follow the same process of crossing the iconographic collections (paintings, drawings, photographs…) with the body of archives (notes, correspondence, diaries, exhibition catalogues…). These databases are innovative research tools that facilitate the internal management of a collection (inventory, movements of works) and the development of scientific perspectives. Indeed, the base provides an easy access to the pictures and the related data from the archives (dates, places, key figures) enabling the inscription of the artist’s work in its historical, social, economic and political background. By opening up onto new research issues, the database creates new perspectives and keeps on developing itself. 

HB Projet notably ensured the establishment of databases for the following institutions:

- The Jacques-Henri Lartigue Foundation (120 000 pictures and 120 photo-albums from the collection of the Lartigue Association, 7000 items of correspondence, diaries and notebooks from 1900 to 1986
- The Camille Bryen Foundation
- The André Arbus Foundation (900 drawings, works from the collection of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of Paris, 13 press albums…)
- The Bucaille Foundation
- The DATAR with the collection of the Mission Photographique
- The Bérenger Foundation/Château de Sassenage